i try not to miss you. i try to blame you for everything that happened. but the truth is that i miss you like hell and i wish you were here. i hate when you ignore me. i hate when you talk to girls.

but i do not regret the decisions i have made. i miss you as my best friend, my companion. i miss…





i made a new video!!

In Defence of the Fangirl - A Video on YouTube Culture

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i promise i’ll be more entertaining next week. this is just a serious video that i’ve wanted to make for a long time

i’m just reblogging this again bc it’s important to me and i want as many people to see as possible!!

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Reblogging more for the video itself than for the chance of a follow. This video is really good and touches on a lot of things about YouTube culture.

(Though being followed by Ellie would be super-rad.)

Damn! More power to the fangirls!!!! Seriously celebs would be nothing without fangirls. We hate on them because they are young girls and the world wants us to think girls have nothing to say and should be looked down on. Fuck that. Young girls rule. Yeah they go crazy about celebs. And yeah they get moody and scream sometimes. Good!! They are learning and contributing and doing the best they can. Let’s stop hating on young teen girls. Down with the patriarchy. Let’s have a world where young people can come together and enjoy things and create and help each other grow!!


Dan Howell YouNow 26.08.14



Does anyone else make sarcastic comments out loud when watching a TV show or film even though you’re completely alone?

You mean some people don’t do this?



the horror and concentration on his face